Win Sonos Smart Speakers with Gressingham Duck®

Dine in with a duck – it's simple to prepare and makes a meal much more remarkable.

Duck is the perfect 'end of the week or weekend treat' for those who love to cook.

Gressingham Duck® is a unique breed, a cross between a wild Mallard and a Pekin duck with more breast meat and less fat making it more meaty and succulent than other breeds.

Find out more about Gressingham Duck® and some delicious recipes below…and enter our competition to win a superb Sonos PLAY:5 Smart Speaker 2nd Generation so you can listen to Classic FM while you're cooking!

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Dine in with duck: classic duck

Dine in with duck: quick & easy

There are lots of simple recipes and how-to-videos at
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Roast duck leg with a tamarind and honey glaze

This recipe has a delicious glaze and looks and tastes stunning (Serves 2)

PREP: 10 Mins COOKING: 1 Hrs 30 Minutes

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This mouth-watering recipe showcases duck at its best (Serves 4)

PREP: 5 Mins COOKING: 25 Mins

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Roast Duck breast, Sweet Potato Mash, Broccoli, Honey

A delicious quick & easy dinner recipe for two (Serves 2)

PREP: 10 Mins COOKING: 15 Mins

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